How Can I Help?

Making an episode or a vignette is an expensive endeavor. There are costumes to sew, sets and props to build, and many other costs associated with a day of filming. Because we cannot sell our finished products, the only way we can operate is through the generosity of the fan community.

So far, most of the financial burden has been carried by the producers, actors and crew who are, of course, our biggest fans!
Now our cash supplies are running low and we could really use a hand. So if you want to see more adventures of the USS Farragut, and can spare $5 or $200, we would be very grateful!




Coming Soon!

We would like to thank the following contributors for their donations:

(up to $49)

Catherine Jellison
Claudia Combs
Dale Kagan
Dino Petrucci
Helen Woods
Jani Fleet
Joyce Savage
Klingon Prison Guard
Maggie Resbilo
Millie Moore
Ruby Jaby
Ruth Rega
Thomas Atkinson
Jason Voss
Lance Lavery
Richard Mills

John, Amanda & Jazmine Dossa
Mario Cordova
Anna Hayes
Eric Gunzinger
Mike d’Albertis
Billy Ward
Mark Boykin
Eric Sturgeon
David Haft
Erika Figueroa
David John Lerda
Thomas Scott
Kenneth Wrigley
Elizabeth Schooler
Leslie Hoffman
Scott Larsen
Wade Dalton


($50 to $99)

Steve Guminski
Richard Tidd
James D. MacArthur
Justin Kydd

John Strand
Allen (Big Al) Sievertson
Emigdia Esqueda
Christopher Belan


($100 to $499)

John Lenwell
Marie Cook
Roger Moncrief
Carol and Don Manson
Ron Pendleton

Adrienne Matranga
Dayne Creveling
Joe Carney
Ron Simkanich
Royal Weaver


"Fleet Captain"
($500 and above)

David Sepan
Eric Lund

Dennis Bailey
Beth & Dan Scanlon




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