John Thomas Carter


Current Record of Command: Succeeded to command of USS Farragut (NCC-1647) following the retirement of Captain Emilio Alvarez.

Previous Assignments: USS Potemkin (NCC-1657); served under Captain Preston Wilcox as First Officer.  Captain Wilcox was a great mentor and senior Starfleet Officer who provided much wisdom to his young and ambitious Executive Officer.  Prior to his tenure on the Potemkin, Carter served numerous positions on various dangerous ships and missions.  

Family History: Parents, Lynn and Gene Carter (deceased), botanists who were initially stationed on Cignus 4, prior to separating.

Background: Jack Carter always dreamed of space.  Since his childhood, thoughts of exploration and discovery have filled his imagination.  After graduating Starfleet Academy, he volunteered for his first assignment to be along the Klingon border in a scout ship, knowing the dangers associated with such a posting.  This young, ambitious officer has seen more combat, and been involved in more “First Contact” situations than most officers his age.  With each new promotion, he has moved from ship to ship optimizing his opportunities for experience and recognition. His unorthodox methods have earned him the opportunity to become the second youngest person to sit in the Captain’s chair, as part of a new Starfleet program to expand the fleet (which means they will need more qualified Captains).  Despite his cavalier attitude, he understands the rigors of command.  To best temper his judgment, he has surrounded himself with his longtime best confidants and closest friends:  CDR Tacket (RT) and LCDR Smithfield (Mike).  Jack served with RT for several tours of duty on other ships, and met Mike during his last tour of duty on the USS Potemkin.  Jack has never been a by-the-book officer, and tries to take on too many tasks by himself.  He has been known to work himself to exhaustion, and isn’t very accepting of criticism or advice from others.  He only uses his first name in formal settings such as diplomatic and “First Contact” missions.

About the actor ...

Creator and Executive Producer of Starship Farragut, John Broughton leads the production team. In this role, he is responsible for all activities related to Starship Farragut.  John is known for his enthusiasm, visionary leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and his appreciation of the group’s volunteers.  He holds a bachelor's degree in communications from the University of Maryland and is a veteran of the United States Navy.

Starship Farragut Responsibilities ...

Executive Producer
Wardrobe Supervisor


Actor: John Broughton

Nicknames:  Jack
Rank: Captain
Position: Starship Command

Current Assignment: USS Farragut (NCC-1647)


Robert James Tacket


Previous Assignments: USS Potemkin (NCC-1657), various science vessels and freighters.

Family History: He is the oldest male of four children.

Background: This wise senior member of the Captain’s staff is a highly proficient Science Officer.  CAPT Carter and RT served together on numerous missions where Carter used to report to Tacket.  Carter selected RT as his First Officer when he was given command of the Farragut.  He is fascinated by all sciences and believes that a harmonious relationship exists between science and the spiritual realm (metaphysics).  He is the Captain’s wisest friend and confidant.

About the actor ...

Mr. Bednar has assembled a select group of volunteers to bring forth the most authentic recreation of the Federation Starship Bridge, Briefing Room, Jefferies Tube, Sick-bay, Transporter Room, Shuttlecraft, Romulan Bridge and other memorable sets from  from the original series of Star Trek.

In addition, Mr. Bednar's extraordinary talent in model-building, a side business that he has done professionally since 1993, qualifies him to supply both Farragut Films and Star Trek Continues productions with authentic Star Trek props.  To the delight of colleagues and fans alike, he has taken the lead role in detailing set furnishings with an unrivaled attention to detail.  His special effects and electronic skills add believability and realism to Starship Farragut's 23rd-century equipment.

As Vice President of Farragut Films, Bednar directs all day-to-day activities in the company and is responsible for efficient operations management and quality of company productions.  Bednar has over fifteen years of progressive Information Technology (IT) expertise and has leveraged his career experience as a high-level IT Technician for the U.S. government by overseeing all IT aspects of Farragut Films.

When he has time to relax and unwind, he doesn’t.  Mr. Bednar, still manages to  build science fiction models, working on his sports car and imagines how to make the Farragut Films’ sets more believable.

Starship Farragut Responsibilities ...

Executive Producer
Director Of Studio Operations


Actor: Michael Bednar

Nicknames: RT
Rank: Commander
Position: Executive Officer / Science Officer

Current Assignment: USS Farragut (NCC-1647)


Michelle Renata Smithfield


Previous Assignments: USS Defiant (NCC-1764)

Family History:  Mike is the daughter of Liam Norman Smithfield and Margaret Frances McAllister-Smithfield.  Her father was a Professor of Theological Science at Oxford University. Her mother was committed to a mental institution when Mike was only twelve.  Her one sibling, an older sister has three children, two boys and a girl, whom Mike believes will be the nearest thing to motherhood she will ever experience.  Mike was married briefly in her mid twenties, but her husband, Ian, was killed in a confrontation with the Klingons.

Background: Michelle is a technically savvy Engineering officer who loves to tinker with the ship and is continually improving its efficiency (she secretly considers the vessel to be her “baby!”) “Mike” as she is called, has high aptitudes for mathematics, mechanical engineering and warp propulsion.

Though she is very serious about her work, the losses she has experienced have given her strength of spirit and belief in a greater meaning in life. She is a yoga master, has a tremendous love of music and art, and wants to learn to play the piano someday when she has time. She has a dry sense of humor and a touch of sarcasm especially when under pressure.

She gets along well with men and seldom gets into power struggles with male officers; however Jack Carter has a special knack for pushing her go-nuts button on occasion. Still her respect for him; and loyalty to him is profound as long as he stays out of her engine room.

About the actor ...

Holly Bednar is responsible for all HR-related matters for Starship Farragut, to include casting of actors as well as recruiting for key crew positions of those that work behind the scenes.

Her career until this point had focused on a health management theme. Holly spent several years as an HR Manager for a Home Health organization in the Seattle area (a job that prepared her for the position she holds currently with Farragut Films). In that position, she gained valuable skills and experience in writing and implementing human resource policies including: recruiting, hiring, incentive programs, staff retention, benefits administration, training, and quality management. She also spent a total of nine years as a multi-site clinic manager for a national, non-profit, women’s health organization, overseeing daily operations, budget administration, staffing, health education, and program development.

More recently, Holly was an Executive Director for a community theater where she managed the day-to-day operations, networked with community leaders, and made valuable contacts in the stage-acting arena, some of whom have performed in the Starship Farragut project.

In addition to performing duties as HR Director for Farragut Films, Holly also acts in the role of Engineer Smithfield on “Starship Farragut”, which is an enjoyable, creative outlet for her. Another artistic expression, Holly has co-written a vignette and plans to write more in the near future.

The epitome of a renaissance woman, Holly works hard at keeping all projects running smoothly. A firm believer in giving back to the community, she volunteers part-time as a tutor for an adult literacy program. Her personal hobbies include gourmet-cooking, reading, practicing daily yoga and meditation, spending quality time with her family and pets, and taking her kayak out for a jaunt in the waterways of Southern Maryland.


Actor: Holly Bednar

Nicknames: Missy (by her family), Mike (by her colleagues)
Rank: Commander
Position: Chief Engineering Officer

Current Assignment: USS Farragut (NCC-1647)

Gary Weston


Previous Assignments:  

Family History: One older sister, 2 living parents. Divorced father of 3 grown children.  Oldest son now serving in the military, and may one day follow in his footsteps with Starfleet.

Background: Weston retired from military service, then decided to pursue a career with Starfleet. Retirement life lacked the challenges he craved, and left him too much time to dwell on his failed marriage. After serving on several other vessels, Weston considers the Farragut to be the ship of his future. Crew members on the ship respect his military background as much as the compassion he shows towards each of them. Strong willed… yet respectful.

The freedoms to roam the galaxy without the distractions of family allow Weston to focus on his missions, as well as the friends he makes along the way.

About the actor ...

Dan Collis is a USAF veteran, serving in Germany, and in the United States in the 1980’s. Current job, since 1992, has been with the National Weather Service in Atlanta Ga. Primary duties are in maintenance, construction, and equipment repairs. The “Mr. Fixit” abilities he learned in the military allow him to volunteer his many skills behind the scenes to helping out where needed on the sets.

Approximately 3 years ago he started his acting career as background on the show Drop Dead Diva, then moved on to productions such as Hunger Games 2, Vampire Diaries, and various other movies and TV shows. The role of Gary Weston is the first speaking role, and has been beneficial in gaining an education in a new, and exciting part time career in acting.

Hobbies include: Bowling, Model Trains, NASCAR, GATORS football, and Motorcycling… Participating often in veteran support groups, such as the American Legion & Patriot Guard Riders.

Actor: Dan Collis

Rank: Lt Commander
Position: Security Chief

Current Assignment: USS Farragut (NCC-1647)


George Howard Foster


Previous Assignments:  Prior to coming aboard Farragut, Foster served on the scout ship Revere and then on the Lexington.  As a Lieutenant, on the Revere, during a crisis, when the Captain and first officer were incapacitated during an encounter with the a group of Orion pirates he managed to bring the ship back to Starbase 21 and received the Starfleet Award for Valor.

Family History: Both father and mother were engineers who worked at the Utopia Planitia Ship yards on Mars.  His mother passed away and his father retired to Earth.

Background: Grew up on Mars, went to Sagan University on Mars for Computer Sciences and  Astrophysics. From there in joined the Starfleet ROTC program and eventually attended the Academy.

About the actor ...

Frank Hernandez is General Manager of VMX Technologies, LLC. in Berlin township NJ and a proud member of SAG/AFTRA who recently appeared in HBO's "The Normal Heart" and television shows like "Person of Interest". Frank is a long time fan of Star Trek and Farragut Films.

Actor: Frank Hernandez

Rank: Commander
Position: Science Officer

Current Assignment: USS Farragut (NCC-1647)


Tia Logan


Previous Assignments: Prior to coming aboard Farragut, Logan served at Titan Station flying experimental craft.  While stationed there she developed keen skills and continued her training in advanced tactics. She briefly returned to the Academy to teach. During her tenure there she was recruited by Commodore Bob Wesley to a position on the Lexington. 

Family History: Both father and mother were lost at Tarsus IV.  Tia was raised by relatives on Earth but left for the lunar colony New Berlin as soon as she was of age. After a short career working for the commercial Earth - Moon flights she joined Starfleet to get to fly the new series of Cochran Class ships being developed. Once at the Academy she flourished excelling at tactics.

Background: After the loss of her parents Tia was raised by relatives in Philadelphia on Earth where developed an early love of flying and piloting.

About the actor ...

Gina Hernandez is a professional actor and proud member of SAG/AFTRA. Her list of credits is too long to list but she has most recently been working on the television show "Elementary". Gina is very excited to be working with the excellent people at Farragut Films and enjoys the camaraderie of the group. 

Actor: Gina Hernandez

Rank: LCDR
Position: Helm

Current Assignment: USS Farragut (NCC-1647)

Roy Adam Morris


Previous Assignments:  USS Lexington (NCC-1709).

Family History: His father, Commodore Gerald Scott Morris, is the Vice Commander of Starbase 20. His mother, Leah Amanda D’arbanville-Morris, is Professor of Earth History at the University of Florida. Roy is the eldest of three siblings. His younger brother, Charles, is a member of the Winter Park High’s Starfleet JROTC and younger sister, Amy, is a nurse onboard USS Potemkin.

Background: Morris was born in Burlington, Vermont and had been raised in Winter Park, Florida since he was five years old. He had been fascinated with starships ever since he gazed up at the stars as a young boy.

A third generation Starfleet officer, Morris knew early on in his life that he wanted to make history among the stars. He was so determined that he earned his shuttle pilot’s license at the age of fourteen. He continued the journey through Winter Park High’s Starfleet JROTC Program. It was during this time that Morris discovered the two loves in his life: 20th Century Earth History and Space Exploration. He excelled in Starfleet JROTC; becoming the school’s Battalion Commander and Flight Leader of the Wildcat Squadron.

After graduating as salutatorian, Morris entered Starfleet Academy. During his academy years, he studied Federation and Earth History, and Starship Operations. Morris joined the Academy Flight Team as a freshman, becoming the youngest in his family to do so. After graduation, Morris served as a shuttle pilot aboard USS Lexington (NCC-1709).

About the actor ...

Dean started off at Farragut Films as a Still Photographer in March 2007 taking behind the scenes stills for the episode "For Want of Nail." Not long after, he left his acting hiatus to accept the role of Helmsman Roy Morris for the same episode. He personally named his character after his high school mentor and Naval Science Instructor, CAPT Roy A. Morris Jr., USN Ret. Since then, he has been promoted to Director of Media Relations.

He has dreamed of being an actor since he was young. Since grade school, he has appeared in productions of The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol and A Streetcar Named Desire. Along with his roles on Farragut, he provides the voices of Lt. Michael Swanson (Navigator/Tactical Officer) in the audio drama Star Trek: Valkyrie & Cmdr. Alexander Jarvis (First Officer) in Star Trek: Ranger. 

A lifelong trivia buff, he took his lifelong passion to the next level by winning big on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? in 2003 and Wheel of Fortune in 2013. When he’s not being a contestant, he's hosting sci-fi editions of classic gameshows Hollywood Squares, Jeopardy! & Family Feud at Baltimore area sci-fi conventions. 

He is the Editor-in-Chief/Reporter of The Rogers Revue, an online entertainment news magazine covering the news & events of the Baltimore/DC markets. Since its inception in January 2009, Dean and his team covered the red carpets, write reviews and interviewed numerous celebrities.



Actor: Dean Rogers

Nicknames:  Roy
Rank: Lt
Position: Helm / Navigation

Current Assignment: USS Farragut (NCC-1647)

Yvette Dupree


Previous Assignments: USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) served under Captain Pike; USS Farragut (NCC-1647) served under Captain Garrrovick; USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) served under Captain Kirk.

Background: From Montreal, Canada, Senior Chief Specialist Yvette Dupree is a 30-year enlisted veteran of Starfleet and a new addition to the engineering team. This is her second tour aboard the U.S.S. Farragut. In 2257, she served aboard the ship as an engineer under Captain Garrovick, when two hundred of her crewmates were killed in an encounter with the Tycho IV cloud creature. A skilled transporter technician with a knack for recovering landing parties in difficult circumstances, Commander Smithfield recently recruited her to come home to her old ship to fill a vacancy on the engineering command staff. She is secretly nervous about returning, and confronting old memories.

About the actor ...

Victoria (Tori) Avalon serves as a member of the set construction crew, and as a camera assistant and grip in our studio's lighting department during filming. She also plays the role of Yvette Dupree, the starship Farragut's transporter chief. When not carrying lights around for gaffer Sam Rooks or showing a production slate to the camera for Director of Photography Matt Bucy, (or standing behind the transporter console), Tori works as an attorney in Central Florida.

Actor: Victoria (Tori) Avalon

Position: Senior Chief Specialist

Current Assignment: USS Farragut (NCC-1647)

Brooke Derham


Previous Assignments: Prior to coming aboard Farragut, Derham served on outpost colony Poly-Max after the Klingon devastated the inhabitants.  As a Lieutenant Junior Grade, she demonstrated great medical heroism by treating hundreds of victims of Pandoric influenza on Starbase 78, risking her own life for the betterment of others.

Family History: Both father and mother were doctors who served in Starfleet.  Parents have retired to the remote Drexlen colony near the Beta Quadrant.

Background: Grew up in Southern Georgia, went to Ole Miss (Mississippi University) for medical training and then after serving a brief civilian tenure in a small medical clinic on Varnax V, she desired excitement and adventure and opted to serve in Starfleet for a career that entail travel, exploration, and medical discoveries.



Actor: Rakia May

Rank: LCDR
Position: Chief Medical Officer

Current Assignment: USS Farragut (NCC-1647)


Samuel Stahler


Previous Assignments:  Prior to serving aboard the Farragut, LT Stahler served aboard the USS Defiant where he completed his communications qualifications and engineering apprenticeship. 

Family History: His only living relative is his identical brother in Starfleet, who is also serving aboard the Farragut.  Refer to service record of line officer LT George Stahler.

Background: In contrast to his brother’s seriousness, LT Samual Stahler is a bit of a prankster and is known for his jovial demeanor and his funny, yet warm southern charm.  He and his brother grew up on a genetic farming community somewhere in the southern part of the United States of America.  His off-duty hobbies include martial arts, as well as outdoor activities such as surfing, fishing, and camping.  While the Defiant was damaged in a battle with an Andorian battle cruiser, ENS Stahler quickly repaired the engineering manifold power coupling, thus restoring power to the ship and allowing the Defiant’s weapons to fire.  His timely actions resulted in saving the ship and a promotion to the Farragut to be with his brother.



Actor: Greg Greene

Rank: LT
Position: Communications

Current Assignment: USS Farragut (NCC-1647)


Nurse Jefferies


Previous Assignments: Alongside Doctor Brooke Derham, Nurse Jeanne Jefferies served on outpost colony Poly-Max after the Klingon devastated the inhabitants. She greatly assisted Dr. Derham in the colony’s rebuilding efforts and implemented novel triage techniques that are now being taught to other officers in the Nurse Corps. Prior to the Poly-Max incident, Nurse Jefferies cared for elderly veterans on Gamux II via the Starfleet Officer Exchange Program. 

Family History: With one younger sister (a gourmet chef), her mother is a neuroscience researcher and her father a retired Starfleet officer. Jeanne was named for her grandmother, who was also a Starfleet nurse. Her uncle is a known and respected engineer who now works as a consultant at various Starfleet shipyards, contributing to streamlined ship concepts and interior design.

Background: Nurse Jefferies attended Starfleet Academy where her initial objective was in the realm of scientific studies and research; however, following a pyknovirus outbreak on campus, she was inspired to change careers and received her medical licensing degree for nursing. Graduating at the top of her class, she was selected to spend an additional year of study at the Vulcan Medical Institute, where she defended a thesis on interspecies interprofessional collaboration during mass casualty incidents. When Doctor Derham received orders to become the Farragut’s Chief Medical Officer, she requested Nurse Jefferies to accompany her, given their great work on the Poly-Max incident.

About the actor ...

Although she always knew her great-uncle was famed TOS Art Director Walter M. "Matt" Jefferies, she never met him, and Christine is relatively new to the sci fi world, herself. Skeptical at first, she was dragged by her best friend to the Richmond, VA, premiere of Star Trek: Into Darkness, where she discovered her Trekkie nature among the wonderful people of Starship Farragut - now, after a few sci fi cons and various celebrity encounters, she is honored and humbled to continue the Jefferies/Star Trek legacy. New to film and acting, Christine was a background actor in the Farragut's "Conspiracy of Innocence" episode, assisting with hair, makeup, and wardrobe as well. She is looking forward to continued adventures with her new friends at the Farragut. Christine lives and works in Washington, DC.



Actor: Christine Jefferies

Rank: LT
Position: Nurse

Current Assignment: USS Farragut (NCC-1647)



Allen Baker

Actor: David Sepan

Nicknames: Allen
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Navigator

Current Assignment: USS Lexington (NCC-1709)


Christine Holley

Actor: Amy McDonough

Nicknames: Tina (by her family), Doc Holley (by her colleagues)
Rank: Commander
Position: Chief Medical Officer

Current Assignment: Star Fleet Command


Wayne Gallway

Actor: Bob McDonough

Nicknames: Chief
Rank: Lt. Commander
Position: Chief Engineer, Transporter Division

Current Assignment: Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars






Henry Francis Prescott III

Actor: Paul R. Sieber

Rank: Commander
Position: Director of operations, Starfleet security

Current Assignment: Starfleet Headquarters


















Michael Struck


Michael hails originally from Montana...not an area where you would typically expect to find computer animators. However, at the age of 13, Michael saw a short news story describing computer animation, and he was hooked. Michael had always been interested in computers and video games, so computer animation tied in with this very nicely. This was in the time where the only movie even close to utilizing 3D animation was TRON, so it was not practical to expect computer animation to be a career choice one could make a living at. Instead, Michael chose to enter the field of electronics, which was still related to his love of computers.

Over the course of the next few years, Michael watched as CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) became a staple of the movie industry, and then in practically every facet of entertainment. Unfortunately, the tools to create realistic animations were still out of reach of the average consumer. Then, in 1995, Michael discovered Lightwave 3D, an animation package that was originally developed for the Commodore Amiga. This application finally allowed him to tap into his childhood dream of creating animations using the computer. Beginning with 3D artwork for print ads, Michael expanded his skill set to not only include computer animation, but visual effects, compositing, and editing. With these new skills, he saw the potential for a full-fledged visual effects company.

In 2003, he helped form NEO f/x and has worked on various projects ranging from simple logos to full-length movies, in addition to writing articles for nationally-published computer graphics magazines. 

Starship Farragut Responsibilities

Video Effects, CGI




Born in England in 1978, Hetoreyn's early interest in film music began when he was very young. As an avid film viewer, he was especially inspired by the music of Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry, and John Williams. By the age of 16 as a self-taught pianist, he decided to begin writing his own compositions. He enrolled at Weston-super-mare (UK) College of Technology to study drama, acting and music, where he developed new skills in studio techniques and midi sequencing that would propel him into the wider world of musical composition. In 1999, he graduated from college with diplomas in BTEC Performing Arts and Music Technology.

His recent film, TV and Webisode credits include: Starship Farragut (All episodes except the pilot). Hidden Frontier: Helena Chronicles, and Odyssey Season 4. Starship Exeter: TTI (ACT4). Vancouver B Movie Factory TV Show. Advanced Wizards & warriors. And currently involved in the editing, music and sound production of the indie feature film "Stolen Life".

Hetoreyn has been Farragut's resident composer since 2007 when the 2nd episode "For want of a Nail" was made.




Starship Farragut Responsibilities

Music Composer


Michael Day


Michael has several jobs at Starship Farragut. He is in charge of Farragut's yearly convention, "Farragut Fest", and is in charge of coordinating Farragut attending other conventions throughout the year. He also is in charge of script submissions from fans and writers who would like us to consider their script for production.

Michael’s current job with the Montgomery County Public Schools as a Media Assistant has varied in job responsibilities over the 25 years employed. Some of these responsibilities include, but are not limited to network administrator, computer repair technician, video editor, video photography, and web page design. Until 2012, Michael taught computer animation as an after school class for students in grades 1-5. This class was also taught in the summer and was sponsored by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

His media related experience has been through the ownership of a video rental business.  This business was started in the early 1980’s, which branched out into video photography and editing videos for home use. This work included transfers of photos to videotape, running animations for clients, editing 8mm and videotape movies, and filming special events.


Starship Farragut Responsibilities

Farragut Fest Convention Chair
Convention coordinator
Script Submissions
Web Master / Web Designer

Eve Gidion


Bio coming soon.


Starship Farragut Responsibilities

Associate Producer, Fundraising


Sam Rooks


Sam Rooks of Jacksonville, Florida is a photographer and filmmaker with a passion toward producing. He has been involved in many areas of filmmaking, including producer, prop master, and gaffer. Sam was an extra in the movie “Lonely Hearts, starring John Travolta.  Sam appeared in the award-winning HBO movie "Recount", starring Kevin Spacey, and was a political consultant to the movie's Producer Mike Hausman.  He is the photographer for the Miss America First Coast Pageant and the Miss & Teen Jacksonville  U.S.A. Pageants.  Sam has produced such short films as “Within the Heart of a Child” and “Granma and the Fly”. He was dolly gaffer on the short film “Planting Hope", produced for Jacksonville’s domestic violence shelter, Hubbard House.

Sam is presently working as the lighting gaffer for Farragut Films, Star Trek Continues, Exeter Trek and Dreadnaught Dominion to reproduce original Star Trek episodes.

When Sam is not working on films, he can be found running his a/c business, performing photoshoots, or hunting and fishing.


Starship Farragut Responsibilities

Lighting Gaffer


Royal (Doors) Weaver


Royal has been a volunteer for Farragut Films since April 2009.  He built sets at both of Farragut Film's Studios and is one of the Lead Supervisors and the Studio Facility Manager.  He is also the liaison with the local community in Georgia.
His character name is COB and is the senior enlisted person on Starship Farragut.  During productions he performs duties as Best Boy/Grip, Practical Effects, Caterer, Transportation and brings the Doors to life as the Door Operator.

Starship Farragut Responsibilities

Studio Facility Manager
Lead Supervisor
Best Boy / Grip
Practical Effects





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